A recreational alternative, the idea of gaming has come so far and spread so wide that it has become a major part of people lives. Especially, for the team of our Gaming wing - Apar Games Pvt Ltd.

Here, every employee lives, eats and breathes games every day. The passion and madness is turned up several notches higher than any other company existing. Because for them, a game is not just a game. It is a world of untold stories, adventures, fantasies, explorations and reflections of life. But, everything in High Quality Graphics only, ofcourse!!!

With over 100 published titles across the globe, Apar Games has been the source of brilliant Advergames, Porting casual games to online/smart phones/tablet, original 2D/3D games, social game development and Art outsourcing. With its superior, international quality work, the games squad has not only established itself as a strong contender in the Indian online gaming industry but has also become a reliable partner to many developers in markets spanning the globe from China to Europe and America.